"Very helpful, easy, confidential and sensitive. 10/10."

- O.M. - Brisbane

"Thanks for your guidance. You can now add me to your list of client successes!"

- F.W. - Melbourne

"David was fantastic and we always looked forward to our next session. 10/10"

- N.B. - Sydney

"Thanks for getting me to this point"

- C.Y. - Melbourne

"10/10 - the guidance and advice provided by David was just what we needed at the time and helped us to become the close and happy couple we were at the beginning of our relationship. The online sessions at times that worked for us were a great approach - I don't think I could get my partner to sit in a counsellor's office! David was relatable, easy to understand and super efficient"

- N.S. - South Australia

"David had an in-depth knowledge of the issues and provided the best professional service. 10/10 rating."

- P.W. - Melbourne

"David was perfect for my needs. Experienced and empathic, but also practical. 8/10 rating."

- G.F. - Sydney

"Understood each personality well. 10/10 rating." 

- F.D. - Sydney

"I am extremely grateful for the service and David's professionalism. Thank you. 10/10 rating."

- J.R. - Central Coast, NSW

"I can't thank you enough for being so supportive during this difficult period in my life"

- K.C. - Sydney

"I really appreciate your guidance"

- M.W. - Melbourne

"David was a fantastic counsellor. I would highly recommend him.I was really pleased with my sessions. 10/10 rating."

-  L.Y. - Sydney

"David was great. 10/10 rating."

- K.R. - Brisbane

"I would score the counselling as 10, it has been very helpful and valuable to our relationship and lives.  The counselling has helped us with looking at our issues in a different way, opened up our minds to new ways of thinking, it has given us keys and skills on how to avoid issues from escalating, to deal with issues from the past that have now crept into the present. We noticed improvements within the first week.  David was very calm and relaxed made us always feel that we were in a safe place to speak and open up, he was professional and passionate about his work. Always positive and fair. I would highly recommend David to others.  We are very grateful to David for helping save our marriage, this is priceless"

- C.M. - Sydney