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Working individually with a counsellor can be a deeply rewarding, and often highly emotional, time. It’s more intense than chatting with friends because the entire session time is focused on you, slowly exploring your thoughts, feelings, options, and the actions you’ll choose moving forward. Unlike the risk with friends and family, counselling is not about advice-giving; it’s about support, listening, understanding, and your decision-making, in a confidential and safe setting.


No relationship is ever entirely smooth sailing. Sometimes the problems are overtly present from the beginning of the relationship, sometimes they surface after a long time of being together, and other times they come to light as a result of unexpected stresses. Whatever trouble your relationship is in, and no matter how severely your relationship is being affected, almost all couples can benefit from couples or relationship counselling at some time in their relationship.


I am an accredited Clinical Supervisor to ACA-registered counsellors and AASW-registered Social Workers and I am ready to work with you in the clinical development of your career. I am available for online sessions via Zoom on weekday evenings and on Saturdays.