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I have chosen to focus my counselling practice on helping clients better manage the changes to the relationships in their life.


I have learnt a lot about the reactions of men and women to situations which trigger the high emotions that relationship change can bring (interestingly, 48% of my clients are male). Some very powerful work can be done with you if you are willing to have me accompany you down the path to understanding the impact of those thoughts and emotions.


I have no agenda in trying to manipulate the outcome of the process - my intention is always to support you as you decide how to manage your reactions to the relationships that may be challenging  you at the moment.

I offer after-hours face-to-face sessions in Chatswood, NSW, and over secure video conferencing, for local, regional, interstate and overseas clients.


With post-graduate studies in Counselling and over 20 years and thousands of counselling sessions behind me I know that my clients feel valued in my strengths-based approach. There is no judgement in my work with you nor do I tell you what to do, but I will sit with you with the strong intention of helping you see the issues behind the stories that you have come to talk through. Using informed conversations, open-ended interviewing techniques, and genuine curiosity I will help you explore the current situation and explore what you would like to see happening differently.