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Inspiring healthy relationships.
Overcoming obstacles in relationships.
Modern strengths-based counselling based on real human experiences.

Why Go To Counselling?

Fortunately the secrecy and embarrassment that was once associated with attending counselling has long gone and there are very good reasons to consider checking in with a counsellor before turning to unqualified family and friends who want to support you: Consider: Are there risks to your privacy and confidentiality? Will people just give you advice or judge you for your situation? Will you be listened to with empathy and curiosity?  The answer often leads you to choose an experienced and professionally qualified counsellor to work with.

Finding a suitably qualified counsellor will begin the process of:

  • finding your own strength and courage

  • discovering more about the impact of what is currently happening

  • exploring the different options that might be available to you,

  • learning where you might need to accept things that are out of your control

  • and finally, arriving at your preferred solution to move forward with and try out.

Professional counselling creates a safe and private place to make better sense of the challenge that is confronting you.